My father founded this company in 1973. W/D was established and
has only agenda. To produce quality width integrity based methodology.

 Through evolving thchnology(web based tolls, e-procurement and IT
based Print MMT system ans expansion 17-55 Sanho-Dong, Shinpo-Dong and Bongam-Dong) W/D has proven it's agenda time and time again W/D was awarded the ISO 9001 in 1999 nad the ISO 1400 in 2003 W/D is in the forefront of this demanding industry.

 According to the National Association of purchasing Managers, Print. Procurement is the second biggest opportunity for corporations to reduce costs and increase shareholder value.

 The center for advanced purchasing studies recently reported that corporations(like yours) will find savings from 10% to 30% when they begin to out source supplier research and production is now seen as a strategy for empowerment.

 Getting low pricing and fast turnaround are important to every print buyer,
but saucy print buyers never by on price clone seasoned print buyers will
tell you that the most important metric is accuracy. At the end of the day, successful buyers do business W/D vendors they trust.

 After all, it's their jop on the line. W/D winning combination(Synergy) & delicated professionals Cutting edge technology, and state-of the art equipment is ready to go to work for you.

 W/D will enhance your coporate image and productivity.
 W/D guarantees super active products with outstanding sevice.

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